Policies and Protests (Western Ontario Girls Hockey League)

PrintPolicies and Protests

(A) WOGHL member teams may file a protest on any WOGHL regular season or playoff game. 

(B) Matters that may be protested are: 

(1) a game official’s interpretation of a rule which in the opinion of the aggrieved team may have given the opposition team a distinct advantage. 

(2) an improperly registered, an unregistered, ineligible or a suspended player or team official participating in a game or being on the player’s bench during a game. 

(3) a team not following the rules set forth by the WOGHL League for regular season or playoff games. ex: period lengths, curfew, pick up a player

(C) Time allowed for filing a protest: A protest must be filed within 48 hours of the starting time of the game in question. 

(D) To protest a team must: 

(1) (a) with respect to protest relating to the interpretation of a rule, notify the referee verbally of the protest before, during, or  at the end of the game, before they leave the ice,

(b) with respect to an improperly registered, unregistered, ineligible, or suspended player or team official, notify the WOGHL League within 48 hours of the start of the game.

(2) prepare the protest in writing.

(3) file the protest with the WOGHL League via email at [email protected] and [email protected]

(4) accompany the protest with a $100.00 protest fee, refundable if the protest is upheld 

Please send EMT to [email protected]

Cheques can be sent to

WOGHL, Jodi Edwards, 14 Maple Lane, Tillsonburg ON N4G 2Y7

(5) deliver or send by email a copy of the protest to the protested team and CC: the WOGHL League at [email protected] and [email protected] within 48 hours.

(E) Within 5 business days of a protest being filed, the WOGHL PRESIDENT/VICE PRESIDENT shall set a date for hearing the protest. The hearing date will be no more than 10 business days after the filing date.

(F) The WOGHL PRESIDENT/VICE PRESIDENT shall notify all parties to the protest as soon as the hearing date is set. The hearing can be held in person or if more convenient via an online meeting.  This notice shall inform the parties of the time, place and date of the hearing. 

(G) To defend against a protest a team must: (1) prepare a rebuttal in writing. (2) file the rebuttal with the WOGHL PRESIDENT/VICE PRESIDENT within 48 hours of receiving the protest at [email protected] and [email protected]

(H) If the protest is based on a game official’s interpretation of the rules, the team against whom the protest is filed need not defend against the protest. The protest committee will hear the matter on the strength of the protest submission, with both teams and the game officials present if their presence is needed.

All decisions of the committee will be made within 24hrs of the hearing.  All decisions of the committee will be final.  Any changes to scores or standings will made to the website by the WOGHL Scheduler