Regular Season Rules/Information (Western Ontario Girls Hockey League)

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2:30 to start once both teams have entered the ice.  The Buzzer/Horn will be sounded with 30 seconds remaining on the clock to complete the warmup and move to the start of the game.

Between Period Breaks:
Coaches and Associations should communicate with the time keepers and referee associations that between periods there should be 30 seconds put on the clock and the next period will start when that time has expired.  Team meetings and gatherings can be conducted at their respective benches at the end of periods within this 30 second break. 

Period Lengths:
In an effort to eliminate confusion between the 2 leagues WOGHL will fall in line with the OWHA period lengths for the 2024-25 season with the exception of U15BB.

U9 (half ice) until January 15 will play 2 x 22min halves with 2 min buzzer.

All U9 (full ice)
U15 B/C/HL
U18 B/C/HL
Period lengths will be a minimum of 10-12-12 to a maximum of 15-15-15 and a recommendation of NO CURFEW.
The home team shall decide the game lengths if longer than the minimum based on their ice availability.
The Home team is to communicate the game lengths/curfews with the visiting team and should be noted on the RAMP game sheet app and reported to the officials and timekeeper.  

U15 BB
U18 BB
Period lengths will be 15-15-15 and recommendation of NO CURFEW 
The Home team is to communicate the game lengths/curfews with the visiting team and should be noted on the RAMP game sheet app and reported to the officials and timekeeper.  


1. All League games must start at their designated starting times. WOGHL recommends "NO" curfews where possible although they will be allowed for all regular season games.  No curfew in all Playoff games, ¼ final, semi final and Day of Champions.

2. Prior to the start of the game, the home team will communicate with the visiting team if there is a curfew to be put in place or not.

3. If curfews are to be in place, it must be approved by both teams prior to the start of the game.  The time designated for the time keeper to sound the horn to end the game must be communicated and noted.  The horn must sound at the curfew time no matter what is happening in the game on the ice at the time.  The timekeeper shall be the only one to sound the end of game horn. The referees reserve the right to blow the whistle to end the game at the designated curfew time should the horn not sound.

4. All League games shall consist of three (3) stop time periods as designated for that division.

5. A (2:30) warm up will start each game.  The horn shall sound with 30seconds remaining in the warmup to intitiate the start of the game procedures.

6. All games are STOP time. Running time is not allowed and, if used, will result in the game being replayed if the visiting team loses the game.

7. All Regular season games played under WOGHL must have a curfew notice if in effect. When a team creates a game through the RAMP Game Portal, after all the game details are entered, in the NOTES box, please enter the Curfew information. This information will show on the RAMP Gamesheet APP. in the game details just above the game codes.  If there are no notes in this section there is to be no curfew unless prior to the game a curfew was agreed upon by both teams.

a) If the game is played in an arena with no curfew, the notification will read “NO CURFEW” or no information input. The game must be played in its entirety.

b) In arenas where there is a curfew, the notification will state “CURFEW and a specified time of day” (e.g., CURFEW 7:50 p.m.). The game must stop at the specified time with no exceptions.

c) Whether the curfew notice reads NO CURFEW/no text input or has a specified time, a rostered member of the Coaching Staff of both teams is required to be notified prior to the start of the game.

d) All game officials (referee(s) & timekeepers) must be notified of the curfew as well. They will be able to see this information via the RAMP Game sheet app on the game details page.

e) Not following a) through d) may result in a forfeit of the game by the home team should the game be protested. If, in the sole judgement of the WOGHL and its Protest Committee, the result of the game was not affected by the breaking of Curfew rule, the protest can be dismissed.

f) A home team can not have a “curfew” determined by the arena staff.  The game must end at the specified curfew time regardless.  The timekeeper is to sound the horn and not the areana staff, the referees reaserve the right to blow the whistle to end the game should the horn not sound at the specified time.

g) It will be the responsibility of the timekeeper to sound the end of game horn when the official day clock reaches the designated curfew time, and the game will be considered over at that point. Under no circumstances is the game to continue past the designated curfew time.  The curfew time horn is not to be sounded by the arena staff.

8. Games that must be curfewed due to a serious injury that requires medical assistance to be called or due to a serious mechanical equipment failure in the arena that makes playing dangerous or impossible are permitted to be ended even if the game sheet says no curfew.

9. Any regular season game curfewed after the start of the third period will be considered a complete game at the point of curfew. Any regular season game curfewed before the start of the third period will be considered to have been cancelled within the rules and without penalty and will be required to be rescheduled.

Ways to ensure you do not get curfewed.

  • 1    Teams are ready to enter the ice when the Zamboni has completed the resurfacing and gates are closed
  • 2.    Make sure the referees and time keepers are present 30min, 15min, 10min prior to game time
  • 3.    Associations should contact municipalities/facilities to make sure arena staff are putting the nets on when resurfacing the  ice prior to games or in some instances between periods and not relying on the referees to do so.  This is not the job of the referees.
  • 4.    Home teams should wear their white/light coloured jerseys and the Visiting teams should wear their dark jerseys. In the event of both teams having the same colour of jerseys the Home team is required to change.

Pick up Players:

a. Pick-Ups are not permitted for suspended players
b. All Pickup Player requests must be completed via RAMP Games Portal. To submit and approve a request please use the link that will take you to the OWHA website: PICKUP PLAYER REQUEST
c. For Regular Season League games, a team may pick up any eligible player, to a maximum of three (3) pick up players, from a lower category to bring the total team strength to, but not exceed, the number of officially registered players on the team. WOGHL/OWHA may authorize the movement of a goaltender from another association etc. for emergency situations only, identified as being situations in which the team would have no roster goalie available to play.  In this case please submit a pick up player request form and submit to [email protected].  The form is located under the WOGHL Forms tab.


Players must be (i)  lower category of the same age division,  (ii) lower category and/or lower age division, same category or lower (iii) same category and same age

Starting Games Times:

The following guideline for Regular Season and Playoff game start times must be followed unless alternate arrangements are mutually agreed upon by both teams:

• Monday to Friday game start times must be such that starting travel time from the visiting centre is no earlier than 5:00 p.m.

• Sunday to Thursday game start times must be such that allowing for a reasonable post-game change period, the visiting team arrives home no later than:
➢ U9 – 10:00 p.m. ➢ U11/U13 – 10:30 p.m. ➢ U15/U18/U22 – 11:30 p.m.


(A) WOGHL member teams may file a protest on any WOGHL regular season or playoff game. 

(B) Matters that may be protested are: 

(1) a game official’s interpretation of a rule which in the opinion of the aggrieved team may have given the opposition team a distinct advantage. 

(2) an improperly registered, an unregistered, ineligible or a suspended player or team official participating in a game or being on the player’s bench during a game. 

(3) a team not following the rules set forth by the WOGHL League for regular season or playoff games. ex: period lengths, curfew, pick up a player

(C) Time allowed for filing a protest: A protest must be filed within 48 hours of the starting time of the game in question. 

(D) To protest a team must: 

(1)  (a) with respect to protest relating to the interpretation of a rule, notify the referee verbally of the protest before, during, or  at the end of the game, before they leave the ice,

(b) with respect to an improperly registered, unregistered, ineligible, or suspended player or team official, notify the WOGHL League within 48 hours of the start of the game.

(2) prepare the protest in writing.

(3) file the protest with the WOGHL League via email at [email protected] and [email protected]

(4) accompany the protest with a $100.00 protest fee, refundable if the protest is upheld 

Please send EMT to [email protected]

Cheques can be sent to

WOGHL, ℅ Jodi Edwards, 14 Maple Lane, Tillsonburg ON N4G 2Y7

(5) deliver or send by email a copy of the protest to the protested team and CC: the WOGHL League at [email protected] and [email protected] within 48 hours.

(E) Within 5 business days of a protest being filed, the WOGHL PRESIDENT/VICE PRESIDENT shall set a date for hearing the protest. The hearing date will be no more than 10 business days after the filing date.

(F) The WOGHL PRESIDENT/VICE PRESIDENT shall notify all parties to the protest as soon as the hearing date is set. The hearing can be held in person or if more convenient via an online meeting.  This notice shall inform the parties of the time, place and date of the hearing. 

(G) To defend against a protest a team must: (1) prepare a rebuttal in writing. (2) file the rebuttal with the WOGHL PRESIDENT/VICE PRESIDENT within 48 hours of receiving the protest at [email protected] and [email protected]

(H) If the protest is based on a game official’s interpretation of the rules, the team against whom the protest is filed need not defend against the protest. The protest committee will hear the matter on the strength of the protest submission, with both teams and the game officials present if their presence is needed.

All decisions of the committee will be made within 24hrs of the hearing.  All decisions of the committee will be final.  Any changes to scores or standings will made to the website by the WOGHL Scheduler

Regular Season Standings:

Ties in the standings will be broken using the following:

Placement is by points, (2pts for a win and 1pt for a tie). 

Therefore the League will use the following to further determine placement by using.


1:  Head to Head match-ups between the teams tied (if only 2 teams tied in points) if still tied or more than 2 teams tied please follow below:

A: Most Wins
B: Winning percentage
C: Using a calculation of "goals for" divided by the sum of "goals for" plus "goals against". The Highest percentage moves on.
D. Fewest Goals Allowed



Playoff loops will be determined by January 15.  Scheduling instructions will be sent to each team scheduler at that time.

     1.Teams will be divided into Playoff Divisions based on Winning percentage in regular season divisions and level,  and will be separate of regular season in each age group. Some teams may move up or down from regular season groups (BB down, B down/up, C down/up or HL up) to play equal caliber teams based on regular season games and competition level. It will be taken into account the division of teams in the most fair determination by the scheduler.  Teams will play a balanced schedule where possible.   Each team will play 8-10 playoff games.


     2. Playoff scheduling will be done via team schedulers as was done in the Regular Season.  Scheduling can be completed via email or phone. Each associations OWHA/WOGHL Reps are to ensure the contact information is up to date for team contacts and scheduling contacts on their organization web site.

Please refer to the OWHA handbook for clarification on other rules.

Should you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out via email.

[email protected] or [email protected]