Mental Health & Wellness (Western Ontario Girls Hockey League)

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A non-profit providing on-demand socioemotional coaching to teens. Our coaches work in teams to support students that are dealing with stress and trauma. Our system is designed to help youth manage the emotional tolls life has for all of us. Unlike crisis response, we reach out to teens proactively everyday to help prevent crisis, and we stick with youth during and after crisis.

Children's Mental Health Ontario

Children’s mental health centres (CMHCs) deliver child and youth mental health care in communities across Ontario, including assessment, treatment and education. There is no OHIP card needed to access services. CMHCs aim to engage and support whole families in delivering care to kids, though each child or youth’s treatment plan is customized to address their individual needs, and be responsive to their unique life and family circumstances.

Kids HelpPhone

Kids Help Phone is Canada's only national 24-hour, bilingual and anonymous phone counselling, web counselling and referral service for children and youth. Our service is completely anonymous and confidential.


Locker rooms should be safe and sports venues should be free from homophobia.
Athletes should be judged on talent, heart and work ethic, not sexual orientation and/or gender identity.


This foundation was created with the goal of preventing sudden cardiac arrests. With our cutting edge technology and your help, we can all make a difference and start saving lives.