Regular Season Information (Western Ontario Girls Hockey League)

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The following amendments will be put in place for the remainder of the regular season of WOGHL.  As put in place by the member associations November 2, 2023.
2:30 to start once both teams have entered the ice.  The Buzzer will be sounded with 30 seconds remaining on the clock to complete the warmup and move to the start of the game.
Between Period Breaks:
Coaches and Associations should communicate with the time keepers and referee associations that between periods there should be 30 seconds put on the clock and the next period will start when that time has expired.  Team meetings and gatherings can now be conducted at the end of periods within this 30 second break. 
Period Lengths

U9 (half ice) until January 15 will play 2 x 22min halves with 2 min buzzer.

All U9 (full ice) and U11HL-U18HL games will play 10-10-12 minimum to a maximum of 10-10-15 with a curfew allowed.  Agreed upon game lengths/curfews should be noted on the RAMP game sheet app and reported to the officials and timekeeper.  

U11C/B to U18C/B : period lengths will be a minimum of 10-12-12 to a maximum of 10-15-15 and recommendation of NO CURFEW. Agreed upon game lengths/curfews should be noted on the RAMP game sheet app and reported to the officials and timekeeper.  

Ways to ensure you do not get curfewed.

  • 1.      Teams are ready to hit the ice when the Zamboni has completed the resurfacing and gates are closed
  • 2.      No team meetings before the game starts or between periods
  • 3.      Make sure the referees and time keepers are present 30min, 15min, 10min prior to game time
  • 4.      Associations should contact municipalities/facilities to make sure arena staff are putting the nets on when resurfacing the  ice prior to games or in some instances between periods and not relying on the referees to do so.  This is not the job of the referees.
  • 5.      Home teams should wear their white/light coloured jerseys and the Visiting teams should wear their dark jerseys. In the event of both teams having the same colour of jerseys the Home team is required to change.



Starting Games Times:

The following guideline for Regular Season and Playoff game start times must be followed unless alternate arrangements are mutually agreed upon by both teams:

• Monday to Friday game start times must be such that starting travel time from the visiting centre is no earlier than 5:00 p.m.

• Sunday to Thursday game start times must be such that allowing for a reasonable post-game change period, the visiting team arrives home no later than:
➢ U9 – 10:00 p.m. ➢ U11/U13/U15 – 10:30 p.m. ➢ U18/U22 – 11:30 p.m.

Regular Season Standings

Ties in the standings will be broken using the following:

Placement is by points, (2pts for a win and 1pt for a tie). 

Therefore the League will use the following to further determine placement by using.


1:  Head to Head match-ups between the teams tied (if only 2 teams tied in points) if still tied or more than 2 teams tied please follow below:

A: Most Wins
B: Winning percentage
C: Using a calculation of "goals for" divided by the sum of "goals for" plus "goals against". The Highest percentage moves on.
D. Fewest Goals Allowed



Playoff loops will be determined by January 15.  Scheduling instructions will be sent to each team scheduler at that time.

     1.Teams will be divided into Playoff Divisions based on Winning percentage in regular season divisions and level,  and will be separate of regular season in each age group. Some teams may move up or down from regular season groups (B down, C down/up or HL up) to play equal caliber teams based on regular season games and competition level. It will be taken into account the division of teams in the most fair determination by the scheduler.  Teams will play a balanced schedule where possible.   Each team will play 8-10 playoff games.


     2. Playoff scheduling will be done via team schedulers as was done in the Regular Season.  Scheduling can be completed via email or phone. Each associations OWHA/WOGHL Reps are to ensure the contact information is up to date for team contacts and scheduling contacts on their organization web site.


Should you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out via email.

[email protected]