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Nov 03, 2023 | Aaron Brooks | 180 views
Amendments to Regular Season Meeting

The following amendments will be put in place for the remainder of the regular season of WOGHL.
2:30 to start once both teams have entered the ice.  The Buzzer will be sounded with 30 seconds remaining on the clock to complete the warmup and move to the start of the game.
Between Period Breaks:
Coaches and Associations should communicate with the time keepers and referee associations that between periods there should be 30 seconds put on the clock and the next period will start when that time has expired.  Team meetings and gatherings can now be conducted at period end within this 30 second break. 
Period Lengths

U9 (half ice) until January 15 will play 2x 22min halves with 2 min buzzer.

All U9 (full ice) and U11HL-U18HL games will play 10-10-12 minimum to a maximum of 10-10-15 with a curfew allowed.  Agreed upon game lengths/curfews should be noted on the RAMP game sheet app and reported to the officials and timekeeper.  

U11C/B to U18C/B : period lengths will be a minimum of 10-10-15 to a maximum of 10-15-15 and recommendation of NO CURFEWAgreed upon game lengths/curfews should be noted on the RAMP game sheet app and reported to the officials and timekeeper.  (Should an association have ice available a longer game can be played upon agreement of both coaches)

Time outs:

Are NOT allowed in the regular season.


Other information during the meeting that was discussed:
Note: Playoffs
Game Lengths:  Round Robin Games: All Round Robin Games U11-U18 will have a minimum game length of
10-10-15.  Should both coaches agree and ice time is available a Maximum of 10-15-15 can be played (there is to be no variance from these minimum and maximum times in the playoffs). Agreed upon game lengths should be noted on the RAMP game sheet app and reported to the officials and timekeeper. Time outs are allowed in playoffs.

League Fees:
Due December 31, 2023.  Failure to pay League Fees for all teams registered will disqualify your association from playoffs until paid.  Should you need a prepared invoice please let Jodi know via email: [email protected].
$150 per team registered.

Please send EMT to [email protected]

Cheques can be sent to

WOGHL,  Jodi Edwards, 14 Maple Lane, Tillsonburg ON N4G 2Y7

All Star Games:

U11B/C - U13B/C - U15B/C - U18B/C

Coaches for the competitive teams should expect to see invitations for their team around the Christmas time frame. This will include the positional player(s) and number of players to send.
Coaches should also expect to receive a survey monkey for goalie selections in their regular season division.   All details for the event will also be included.  April 7, 2024 @ North Middlesex Jr Stars. 
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